rankings for sororities 2013-2014

by: real talk

Phi Mu
Sigma Kappa

stop trying to convince people its others wise. freshman this is all you need to know but dont base your decision off of rankings, do what feels best

Posted By: real talk
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#1  by: outsider looking in   

so true.

By: outsider looking in
#2  by: accurate   

This is very accurate. Go with your heart. But if there was one post in this whole thing that has to be clear... this is it.

By: accurate
#3  by: Finally    

FINALLY someone posted just this.

By: Finally
#4  by: everything   

this is all freshmen need to know these are the rankings for elon's sororities for next year!

By: everything
#5  by: uhhh no?   

REAL rankings:

Zeta/Phi Mu/Sigma
Sigma Kappa/AZD/Delta

By: uhhh no?
by: ClearlyAug 14, 2013 2:13:48 AM

Clearly written by a Sigma Kappa upset by the fact that they've fallen so much. This is totally wrong. Original poster is correct. Either way, rankings don't matter. Go with what you want and forget about what others think.

By: Clearly
by: Real rankingsAug 14, 2013 2:55:54 PM

Wrong. Sigma Kappa is below delta, before AOII

By: Real rankings
#6  by: Yup   

^There we go. Let's skip the b.s. people.

By: Yup
#7  by: False   

^Its not bs if it's right.

ZTA/Phi Mu
Sigma Kappa

Now that's the REAL rankings

By: False
by: 2013-2014Aug 14, 2013 2:56:41 PM

Truest thing on this post

By: 2013-2014
#8  by: yupppp   

These are the new and correct rankings at Elon the only dispute is most likely coming from older girls in the sororities that have fallen get over it the tiers at elon are changing and some have gotten better some have stayed the same and some have fallen but the original post is correct those are the current rankings

By: yupppp
#9  by: Really   

Older members need to get over themselves. Some organizations arent the same as they used to be. Sorry. This ranking is accurate though. Finally someone who isn't putting Phi Mu over Zeta. I get it, Phi Mu had a good pledge class. In general, Zeta will always be above them.

By: Really
by: realityAug 16, 2013 1:21:27 AM

I think otherwise, but agree to disagree

By: reality
#10  by: wrong   

KD is not that high. but i must say, you guys are doing a great job self-ranking all over this site to up your image. nice girls, but big heads, give it time and you will get there, but still have quite a ways to go

By: wrong
by: EhSep 5, 2013 10:31:20 PM

Eh, all sororities self rank to some degree but I don't think any sorority would be that desperate and post all these posts saying they're this high. There's definitely some truth behind it. Regardless of where they are ranked, they've moved up a lot. No sorority will rank themselves low, but no sorority would post all these comments. Chill. Ranks don't matter. All orgs are good

By: Eh
by: still?Sep 5, 2013 10:33:20 PM

Can the organizations the fell just get over it? Tiers change

By: still?

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