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Can someone just give a general reputation of each sorority? PLEASE try an be as honest as posssible but also try to be nice!! I know some sororities think less of each other, but be kind! It would really be helpful :)

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I'll give it a shot! Not entirely sure if people will think it's accurate or not, but we can try!


AXO- Sweet girls. There are some really pretty girls, but honestly, there are some unattractive ones to. Strong sisterhood- mainly a group of girls that want the sisterhood aspect but aren't typical sorority girls. Don't get me wrong...some go hard.
AOII- A bit random. Quirky and independent. Once again, some cute girls and some not so... They can also have fun though!
Sig Kap- Have fallen a lot because they don't have a great sisterhood. Individually, some really nice and pretty girls. They just don't mesh well. Intelligent, though, very plain.
Delta- Really random, kinda stick together more. Strong sisterhood.
KD- New, but have risen quickly. Some of the older pledge classes are random and awkward because of how new they are but the last two groups are solid. Good sisterhood. I've heard they are sort of tomboys who can dress it up.
AZD- LOUD and fun. Cute girls, can be a bit arrogant and over the top. The girls I have met are super nice though! Great sisterhood too!
Sigma- Yes, they had hazing rumors but they're still strong. To me they kind of have that tough girl image like you don't want to mess with them. Go pretty hard. Strong sisterhood
Phi Mu- Most people describe them as blonde. They go out a lot and are typically GOREGOUS. I'm not too sure about their sisterhood.
ZTA- Beautiful girls, some can be stuck up and catty but I've met some really sweet ones too.

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I think that this gives a pretty good general idea of each organization, though there are girls that do go against these descriptions in each organization this gives a good idea

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That's was an okay description. I'm sure there are better.

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hate to say it as well, but reputation is based on tier so...

top (interchangeable): Tri sigma, phi mu, zeta

Mid: AXiD, KD, Sigma Kappa, Tri Delta

Bottom: AOII, AChiO

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here it is. just personal opinion from outsider perspective. just tiers

Top Tier-
Phi Mu
Tri Sigma

Mid Tier-
Sigma Kappa
Tri Delta

Lower Tier-

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Phi Mu
Tri Sig

Sig Kap


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Gotta love those self ranking Sig Kaps. Lol so off.

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sooo wrong KD was only bottom last year cuz they were new but after two good pledge classes they're mid tier

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Wait, this is so wrong that it's funny. Thanks for the laugh.

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It's funny because AZD was above SK going into last year too. So no way they are even close to them this year when AZD got a killer pledge class and everyone knows SK's sisterhood has continued to cause them to slip.

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agree 100%

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Hahaha this is such a great point. AZD is better from last year, Sig Kap is worse. KD is better from last year, Sig Kap is still worse. Delta is the same as last year, and Sig Kap is.....well, worse.

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