getting a bid with a low gpa

by: PNM

I will most likely be transferring to Wright State after going to a very rigorous school far away from home. My gpa is extremely low (below 2.0) due to losing someone very close to me in December. Should I even bother going through recruitment or would I still have a chance if I explain what happened?

Posted By: PNM
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#1  by: IM   

you can go through recruitment but most likely you won't be able to go back to 2-3 sororities because of your GPA. if i were you i'd go throughout fall recruitment so you could get a feel for the sororities and if you don't get asked back to one that you really liked- go through recruitment in the spring!

By: IM
#2  by: Olive   

When you transfer to Wright State, you get a clean slate for your GPA. You'll be fine, but there's def sororities to avoid, check the ranks on here, they're hella true.

By: Olive
by: noMay 14, 2017 6:41:29 PM

I disagree on an erased/clean GPA for transfers. Sororities definitely take your prior collegiate GPA into account when handing out their bids. Low GPA indicates the need for study, not a bid. Ask again later.

By: no
#3  by: no   

Pledge the library. Do some serious grade-boosting and save your recruitment for another day. Make friends around campus, including greeks, but stay away from joining until it is known whether your GPA can be salvaged. Most of real life is grades, not greeks.

By: no

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