Sorority girl you’d want to be stuck in an elevator w

by: Frat

Let’s start with our favorables:

Alpha Chi-
There’s a 70% she’s really pretty so there’s a start. There’s a good chance she’s a nursing major so she may not notice you through her nursing major tears. You’ve probably drank with her before so overall 8/10 experience.

Chi O-
No hate, it’s going to take you moment to notice she’s there.. they’re all very short. 10/10 chance she’s pretty. But 3/10 chance she’ll speak to you. I hope you’re good at small talk. Overall 6/10 experience.

Tri Delt-
There’s a VERY good chance you’ve met her at shack. She’s probably really pretty but if not her personality will make up for it. Good news is, she just might have a flask to pass the time. Overall 9/10 experience.

Let’s be honest.. these girls are bruh girls and I mean that as a compliment. Enough said. 100/10 experience.

There is a 1/10 chance she’ll speak to you but in that 1/10 she’s probably pretty funny. Overall 6/10 experience.

Posted By: Frat
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