everyone say something nice about each sorority

by: Kaleigh

Say something nice about each sorority...Go!

Posted By: Kaleigh
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#1  by: Michael   

AZD- Dimes
ADPi- Good Study partners (not bad on the eyes either)
GPhi- Hot
AGD- Fun to Party with
PSig- Movin up in greek life, call me in two years..

By: Michael
#2  by: squirrelznpearlz   

GPhi- Great on-campus presence and always wearing letters. Definitely best PR and amazing Lip Jam performance last year!
Axid- I feel like they do really well in a lot but have gotten the short end of the stick (Lip Jam, Powderpuff, etc). They have improved their reputation a lot and are overall very friendly and obviously pretty girls.
ADPi- Fall 11 pledge class was great. Consistently been improving since they came to SSU! Always great presence at other Greek events (eg Xi Man).
AGD- Overall really down-to-earth girls with a lot of different personality types. Lip Jam is definitely their "thing".
Phi Sig- Really nice girls and are not given enough credit. Are consistently improving each year! Looking forward to their dodgeball tournament.
AOPi- Extremely successful in recruiting new members this year and great PR for their colonization. I don't personally know many, but I commend them for getting involved in everything so quickly (like Powderpuff).

- AGD who appreciates nice comments and not hateful spam :]

By: squirrelznpearlz

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