Genuine Sororities?

by: transferring

i’ll be transferring and looking at sjsu& rushing. which top/middle houses are genuine or nice and doesn’t choose base off looks?

Posted By: transferring
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#1  by: Uhhhh...   

Top house and don’t based off looks? Ur better off rushing a low tier house from what I’m guessing you look like 🤡

By: Uhhhh...
#2  by: anonymous   

you should rush kappa delta, they're really nice.

By: anonymous
#3  by: Sister   

Not APhi or DG

By: Sister
#4  by: anon   

kd doesn't choose based on looks. they're also a higher tier house now. aphi got in trouble, dg girls are mean, dz is low tier & they're not involved with any of the other sororities on campus. axid is also low tier now tbh. aoii bases off looks a little

By: anon
by: wApr 17, 2021 2:11:08 PM

I second that. kd has been on the rise lately and they recruit girls based on campus involvement and those that want to strive for improvement and change. The girls I’ve interacted with are really chill and they have a really strong sisterhood

By: w
#5  by: Annon,    

AOII Is pretty genuine and politically woke if thats something you're intrested in. There very different

By: Annon,
#6  by: whaddup   

Try KD or DZ they’re bottom tier but they don’t recruit based off looks. Middle tier wise AOII is full of genuine girls but they’re all really pretty and I think looks may factor in

By: whaddup

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