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Pi Beta Phi sorority chapter comments at University of Kentucky - UK

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#1  by: what   

OK, great job leaving a ranking for your own sorority lol!

By: what
#2  by: muffy   

Girls, please clean up your act. I think you all have the worse reputation on campus......especially the freshman rush girls.

By: muffy
#3  by: unbiased   

I truly think what people say about most of these girls is not true. I have some really good friends in this sorority and they are so sweet. It's kind of bad that people feel like they have to bash them because they are a good chapter on campus. Let's face it, they have cute girls and are only getting better. Also, my sorority hangs out with them all the time and I always have a blast. Yes, they are fun and yes a few can be wild, but I know I have a few of those girls in my own chapter. So let's all grow up and stop bashing each other. We should be better than that!

By: unbiased
#4  by: great semester   

i am glad they are not on probabtion anymore and no one fell out of the window this semester.

By: great semester
#5  by: gocats   

they never were on probation this semester

By: gocats
#6  by: u.k.   

yhey were last year/

By: u.k.
#7  by: correction   

pi phi was on probation in 2007...it is now 2010!!! so half the chapter wasn't involved in anything having to do with probation and it was only because of one girl. with all of the sloppy drunks in EVERY chapter on this campus, it could have happened to any one. it is unfortunate that it did happen, but it was over 2 years ago and the new girls and the sophomores are nothing like how that chapter used to be! yes, they like to party but name almost any chapter here and there will be similar girls.

By: correction
#8  by: susy   

They need new Gamma Chi's

By: susy
#9  by: go u.k.   

good luck to all the girls at Greek Sing. Be supportive of the greek system.

By: go u.k.
#10  by: old angel   

I have been so disappointed that everyone I have ever sent in a rec for has been cut! I was a KY Beta 33 years ago and I was hoping that you would at least look at pledges with recs. How stuck up you must be! Disappointed Ky Beta

By: old angel

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