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Kappa Delta sorority chapter comments at University of Kentucky - UK

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#1  by: freshie   

To the person that posted disaster: I am not at the bottom of the barrel. I have good grades and a quiet person. I wanted to be in a sorority that didn't bash people or were rude acting. I am involved in everything and our sorority wins a lot of awards so why do people say the things they say. For me, I didn't go through certain sororities during rush because I knew what they were looking for and was not going to get my feelings hurt.

By: freshie
#2  by: hey   

what does overall points mean?

By: hey
#3  by: not true   

Other sororities would not get on here and bash you and then say, oh, this is Theta, DZ or Chi-O...Really people. It's people causing trouble. Everyone did great at Greek Sing and it was for a great cause...

By: not true
#4  by: FratStar   

Kd snitches on fraternities

By: FratStar
#5  by: ukgreek   

kds are outcasts. no frats want to be with them. why? because they snitch out their brothers. oh, and they need to diet.

By: ukgreek
#6  by: Wow   

This little section is full of lies. KD is really amazing! Very cute girls who love to party!! They'll def have a great recruitment!

By: Wow

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