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Delta Zeta sorority chapter comments at University of Kentucky - UK

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#1  by: delta zeta   

I am a christian girl and i chose to be in this sorority because it was a fit for me. I got bids from 8 other sororities and I chose this one. I do not like this website as it does nothing but cause bad feelings towards other sororities. To the person who posted by the name Honest, I do not feel that I am any better than anyone else. I don't feel my sorority feels they are any better than any other sorority. The word more that is added to this rating system should be deleted because that word is what is causing harm and people to feel bad. My sorority is involved in ever event offered on campus. We have a true sisterhood and I hope to make more friends as I grow as a person and in the sorority. I do feel that I am a spectacular person because I am a christian and i attend U.K. and I am a good person. I don't bash other people or other sororities. The girls in this sorority are fun, nice and do great things. All sororities at U.K. are great.!

By: delta zeta
#2  by: u.k.   

This website is not accurate so please do not let it influence your perceptions of any sorority at UK.

By: u.k.
#3  by: A GREAT NEED   

please update your website. I know you have pretty girls and are involved so why don't you update your website? You have money from dues, etc. Other sororities have cute websites. Get money from parents who are willing to donate to update and keep a nice website for you all.

#4  by: U.K. 101   

check out their new website it's great and thanks to Amanda and Levy for a job well done. Best wishes on fall 2010 rush...A lot of pretty girls!

By: U.K. 101
#5  by: U.K.   

Love the new website, keep up the good job and way to get the community service award. That is what it is about anyway.

By: U.K.
#6  by: Fred   

if katie kerr can be a dz than I want to be a dz i love her.

By: Fred
#7  by: Turtles   

gotta love the haters!!!!

By: Turtles
#8  by: u.k.   

This site was made for positive reinforcement and bashing will not be tolerated and will be reported and you may be banned from making any further remarks! The site was given a clean slate, lets keep it clean... If you choose otherwise, do NOT use it!<3 GREEKS

By: u.k.
#9  by: mehh   

definitely a good sorority in general. known for having pretty girls and fun as hell at parties

By: mehh
#10  by: iheartUK   

The only DZ's I have ever met were manly looking and brunette

By: iheartUK

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