sorority rank

by: k

xo/zta- top (in no order)
adpi/phi mu- almost there! (in order)
aoii- lower, but had a good pledge class!

chi o: more laid back. artsy and not cookie cutter. "what you see is what you get". gorgeous and super involved. best pledge class
zeta: super loud and outgoing. some are gorgeous and some are far from it. has a mix of preppy girls, boho girls, and everything in between
adpi: super smart and involved. very strict it seems. more of the preppy and clean cut girls. this year's pledge class was questionable.
phi mu: super sweet. however mostly stick to themselves are are rarely seen with guys.
aoii: a mix of girls. some are preppy, some are granola. to be blunt many girls just went aoii because they wanted to be in a sorority, not because they loved the house. they're trying to get a reputation of a party sorority. uhm... a pretty decent pledge class.

Bottom line, it depends on who you ask. I know some girls that go in with "phi -mu or bust" attitude, some that want aoii, and girls who dropped zeta or chi o after philanthropy. It depends on the girl rushing.

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