Advice for PNMs 2022

by: sam girl

Hey girls!
First, I just wanted to wish you all luck because I know going through recruitment is very scary and nerve wracking sometimes but know that it literally does not matter what house you go to. Yes there are top houses that are most desired by everyone but that does not mean that there is a single bad house at samford. We have coined the term 'grunity" or greek unity because there are no walls set up between houses, everybody can be friends with everyone.

1. do NOT drink before recruitment.
2. do NOT break visitation before recruitment
3. do NOT attend the fraternity parties prior to recruitment (actives are already watching everything you do) (i know it sucks but there will be other parties)
4. clean up your vsco, this goes for reposts as well (again, girls are already watching you and vsco is the most relaxed social media so make sure it is clean of alcohol or anything that you wouldn't want your grandparents to see)
- also on instagram, if there is a photo with anything that looks like i could contain alcohol (red solo cups, cans that arent clearly marked) because the sororities aren't going to waste their time and ask you what was in you cup on your instagram on July 4th, they are just going to assume and you will be released (dropped) or less likely to get a bid.
5. GO TO THE GREEK TAILGATE! (we want to meet you!)
6. your outfits literally do not matter but dress in something that makes you feel like your best self!)
7. no bars before recruitment, even if you aren't drinking.
8. do not reach out to actives and if an active reaches out to you, tell your rho gamma because that is against recruitment rules.
9. don't talk about the B's. Boys, Booze (alcohol), Bible (a little more relaxed here), Bush (politics) or Bills.
10. BE YOU!

I hope that this is helpful and if you have any questions, comment on this thread and someone will try to reply with an answer!

Posted By: sam girl
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#1  by: Indie Girl   

If you're reading this, I just want to advocate for Independent life at Samford as well. Freshman year, this is something I didn't even consider, but now I wish I had. Being completely real, so many girls end up dropping their sorority because of drama, leadership, rules, cliques, time commitment, recruitment, jobs, or because there are other more rewarding organizations on campus. Not hating on greek life, but independent life at Samford is a good one and its where most students find themselves after a year or two. If Greek life is your thing, congrats, but don't let it be the only thing on your college resume. Find other organizations that you can invest in and that will invest in you. there are so many great ones on campus. :) good luck!

By: Indie Girl
by: Greek Aug 31, 2022 9:43:52 AM

Most, if not all, sororities encourage/require their members to hold membership in at least one other campus organization, so there is plenty of opportunity to meet people in other orgs, or who are independent. Many campus leaders are members of sororities and fraternities. We are lucky at Samford that being Greek or remaining independent doesn’t limit your friendships or your opportunities.

By: Greek

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