What is Samford Greek life actually like?

by: pm class of 26

Hi future class mates!! I’m planning on rushing for this upcoming fall and I want to know what Samford Greek life is actually like. Is there a top rank sorority on campus? Are you guaranteed a house when you rush or do you many girls get turned away? Is it clicky in the houses?

Posted By: pm class of 26
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#1  by: HI   

1. Don't worry about ranks. Go where you feel the best connection, after you have actually met the girls.
2. If you maximize your options (attend all the parties you are invited to, and write down the sorority(ies) names you where you attend pref(s), you will get a bid. If you attend two prefs, but only write down one sorority, you might not receive a bid, if you do not match with them before they get to quota (the max number of pledges they can take).
3. Keep an open mind. All the chapters here are great and you should be able to find your people.

By: HI
#2  by: haha   

don’t listen to the ranks. everyone at this school thinks they’re better than. especially with sorority life. go through rush trying to find people you actually like and have good conversations with. i have so many friends who just picked and r miserable. but greek life here is different than it is at all other schools

By: haha
by: hahaMar 18, 2022 11:43:34 PM

if ur wanting the best ranked i’d say adpi, but they’re known to be super strict and a lot of the girls secretly hate each other. they’re the most popular. i’m pretty sure you’re guaranteed a bid if you rush. and only some sororities are cliquey

By: haha
#3  by: Be careful   

A lot of hazing believe it or not

By: Be careful
#4  by: Samford Mom   

My advice is to try and enjoy the process. You only go through it once, and luckily, rush at Samford is not like the other larger schools. A lot of the larger schools have deep cuts early, leaving many confused & leaving the process all together. Samford is so fortunate to have all really wonderful sororities. It’s my understanding that they take the number of girls on Pref & divide by 6 (# of sororities) = # of girls for that years pledge class. Meaning, they have large pledge classes for a school their size. I would recommend getting recommendation letters (though not required), follow the sororities on Instagram, make sure you represent yourself well on social media, and keep an open mind. Be yourself & it will be fine. I’m excited for you and the beginning of your new journey!

By: Samford Mom

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