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by: What?

Why with a 60/40 female to male ratio are there 6 frats and 4 sororities on campus? Why would anyone greenlight a new fraternity and not at least 2 more sororities first? Seems like it would really reduce any headaches that come with fraternities too.

Posted By: What?
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#1  by: Who cares    

Doesn’t even matter how many sororities are on campus with Phi Beta Sigma out stealing everyone’s girls

By: Who cares
#2  by: Throwback   

The site is super out of date. There's actually only 3 frats, 4 sororities and one coed business organizations that is on Greek council for no reason lol.

Sigma Tau Gamma
Tau Kappa Epsilon
Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Alpha Sigma Tau
Sigma Sigma Sigma
Delta Phi Epsilon
Phi Theta Chi

Business Coed Frat:
Delta Sigma Pi

By: Throwback

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