phi theta chi... what are they really like?

by: Freshy

Since their name doesn't show up on Greek rank, here's your chance to leave a review. What are they really like?

Posted By: Freshy
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#1  by: Kxkao   

Ptc is like 10 girls. They party a lot, do cocaine, hook up with frat boys, etc. Pretty cliche messy group

By: Kxkao
#2  by: ibis   

Whole org is a mess. Keep your sanity and dont join.

By: ibis
#3  by: TruthAboutPTC   

Phi Theta Chi is absolutely terrible. I watched a friend go through their pledge process, and it's full of hazing rituals. They had insane amounts of meetings, had to write papers, had to dress all weird during hell week, had to carry around some binder all the time, and she'd sneak out at odd hours for secret rituals. She said she couldn't tell me anything because it was all secret. Now, I watch her go out partying with them all the time drinking and smoking. She even does cocaine with them. They're constantly hanging out with Kappa Chi, a frat that got thrown off campus, and sleeping around with random frat guys. Also, the organization has no real academic standards. Several of them are basically failing classes or have to do a super senior year. At this point, the organization is only 15 women, and is most likely going to die off.


By: TruthAboutPTC
#4  by: .   

Big Tiddy Goths

By: .
#5  by: Titanic   

This group is a sinking ship. Probably going to die off in the next couple years.

By: Titanic
#6  by: SuperSenior   

Sad to see their decline over the last 4 years. It would be tough to see a org with just under 30 years at WSU disappear. Hopefully their alumni step up and turn them around before they disappear.

By: SuperSenior
#7  by: TFM   

They're the KX of sororities. They were great for decades, have gotten into some trouble, and are having a tough time making the transition due to their local/independent status. They need alumni help to continue to exist, and if the Greek community actually wanted, they could work together to keep them around, and make them a better chapter.

#8  by: Eat Moar Chikin   

Oughta be put out to pasture

By: Eat Moar Chikin
#9  by: e   

I know a lot of girls in Phi Theta Chi. None of them do cocaine (especially not together, wtf) and they are strictly against hazing. A girl gave them a bad rap because she got dropped as a pledge and falsely accused them of hazing since she was not allowed to rush them again. Every sorority has girls that party and hook up with guys in other organizations and you are sorely mistaken if you think all the other sororities are goody-goody.

By: e
by: HaNov 6, 2019 11:12:59 AM

Literally my old roommate was in PTC... I watched her and some of their sisters do cocaine off our coffee table.

By: Ha

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