what are the real sorority rankings here?


What are the real sorority rankings here? Top tier? Mid Tier? Bottom Tier?

Posted By: Haylie
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Heres my opinion,
Theres no true top tier, Zeta, DG and AST are all average (middle tier) but Phi Mu is definitely bottom tier.

By: SUGreek

ZTA and DG are top. AST is okay..... and Phi Mu is bottom. ZTA and DG are the most well known and the two most girls aim for during rush


I am currently in a Fraternity at SU. I have socialed with every sorority with the exception of ZTA. Social wise I would have to rate the sororities like this
#1 AST
#2 Phi Mu
#3 DG

DG might have been the worst social I have ever been to. They say that they are not allowed to dance with guys during the socials and won't break out of their cliques to talk to our guys. AST definitely likes to get down, same with Phi Mu. Even with all the remarks against Phi Mu they remain my personal favorite sorority. They love to have a good time during socials and they have tons of events on campus. I think ZTA is the only sorority that can really match what Phi Mu does for the community. So all things considered I would have to say my ratings:

1. Phi Mu
2. ZTA
3. AST
4. DG

By: #Greek Life

honestly, this is all a matter of personal opinion but the ranks on this site for salisbury has become incredibly inaccurate. There are a TON of self ranks, a TON of girls in different sororities making mean comments about other sororities to make the others look bad, and some hate from girls who didn't get the sorority they wanted. so please please don't listen to what these ranks are. Every sorority has a different set of girls some girls are of course naturally prettier than others but looks should be the LAST reason on your list to pick a sorority. Thats not what ANY of the sororities on salisbury's campus stand for.

By: stratatat
by: SU   

Couldn’t agree more...meet the girls for yourself before passing judgment!!! People usually say top tier based on looks solely. Each sorority is diverse and there are so many different girls in each which are look and have different personalities.

By: SU


ZTA and DG have always competed for top rankings but DG deserves first since their newest members are way better then ZTA's....
Plus ZTA girls never go out and have fun...they are banned from having socials

By: suguy

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by: Fratfolyfe   

ever think that Zeta was banned from socials because they know how to have a good time? think about that.

By: Fratfolyfe

zeta, dg, ast, phi mu
dg was on top for like half a semester, but zeta definitely took back control this semester, but it all really depends on what you want in a sorority

By: yea

AST has definitely stepped up their game and is my new favorite sorority. They are genuinely nice girls and know how to have fun.
1. AST
2. DG
3. PM
4. ZTA

By: SUgull

1.) DG
2.) ZTA
3.) AST
4.) Phi Mu
This is what I think the general consensus on how everyone on campus feels, not just greek life members.

By: L dub

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