Accurate Ranking

by: Hi

Honestly I’d say the ranking goes

Zeta/Pi Phi
KD/Sigma Kappa

I’m not involved in the Greek life at UD, but this is definitely the rankings I’ve heard most.

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#1  by: No   

switch aphi and pi phi
if you’re not in Greek life why do you care...

By: No
#2  by: Who cares   

Greek life at Dayton is a joke! Give me a break no one cares which house is top tier. Go to a big ten school and none of the girls would be in houses! So please stop thinking you all that! Please!

By: Who cares
by: HeyFeb 11, 2021 11:57:58 PM

Out of all the languages you decided to speak facts. It’s just a stupid way for people to feel good about themselves

By: Hey
by: lolApr 12, 2021 9:45:10 PM

youre not wrong, but it is funny you're saying it doesn't matter at all and is a joke but taking the time to check and comment on a website dedicated to it

By: lol

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