chi is fake af

by: real

chi o only lets less than half of their sorority be part of recruitment talk about #fake if you won’t let you’re whole sorority participate what’s the point of sisterhood?

Posted By: real
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#1  by: what the frik   

PNMS NEED TO KNOW THIS!!!!!! What you see during recruitment of chi o is the handful of beautiful outgoing girls they have. Chi O has a HUGE problem with retention and so many girls drop because its not what they will think it will be based on their recruitment experience. Plus, do you really want to join an organization that only values a handful of their members?

By: what the frik
#2  by: What    

This is just completely false lol go home fuzzy

By: What
#3  by: Plum   

A lot of girls prefer to do the behind the scenes recruiting and it helps potential bigs bond more with potential littles faster. Allowing girls to choose to recruit or work behind the scenes allows for morale to be at its highest during instead of having girls that don’t want to be there or care about pnms try to act interested 🤧🤧🤧🤧

By: Plum
#4  by: Hey   

Is it really a choice if they have to be interviewed and selected by exec?

By: Hey
#5  by: hi   

They also paid more to have a social with pi kap which is against rules

By: hi

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