fall 2019 sorority ranking

by: GreekGraduate

Sorority rankings can be very harmful and are usually bias. It's a lot tougher to rank than fraternities because most fraternities are non-competitive and embrace brotherhood without worrying about their rank as much (there's still some ranking but not as much). Most sororities are what people call "middle tier" and the "top tier" (ones are often called this because they are known for being wealthy or pretty). Overall, go through formal recruitment and see for yourself. Below is just an idea but remember your fit is important to YOU. Tiers don't really matter and every chapter is different at every school and reputations change yearly.

"Top tier":

Chi Omega: actually nice and pretty girls. very involved and usually kind. "top tier" is relatively accurate

Alpha Phi: known as top tier for wealth and looks only. pledge numbers last semester matched AOII's (Alpha Omicron Pi's). known for bad sister relations and lack of involvement. has classic "sorority" look and attitude but nice house.

"Middle tier"

Alpha Xi Delta: cool girls that have a great philanthropy, pretty involved and good reputation overall in recent years

Alpha Chi Omega: known for being diverse and inclusive in their sorority and high grades. strong greek and social involvement, rising numbers from past years

Sigma Kappa: known for being athletic and very involved in their philanthropy. overall solid campus presence and good sisterhood. tied with alpha chi omega for highest pledge numbers last fall.

"Lower-middle tier"

Alpha Omicron Pi: sisters are very nice girls but have struggled with numbers. they are working toward a stronger campus presence but are always involved in philanthropy events

Delta Zeta: would be middle but lost membership recently and have struggled with nationals. sisterhood needs work but the basic framework is there, could def come back.

Posted By: GreekGraduate
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#1  by: Nah   

Axo should be down with aoii and dz imo, good chapter but not above Sigma Kappa. Agree with everything else though!

By: Nah
by: BlahblahblahAug 5, 2019 3:07:21 PM

I don’t think the tier parts are in any particular order I’d still say middle tier like same as Sigma Kappa

By: Blahblahblah
by: :::Aug 15, 2019 12:05:17 PM

This is good

By: :::
#2  by: oooo   

This is pretty accurate! A few things to add if any PNMs are reading
1. It's pretty true that there's no "bottom tier" here, like for real no one really cares about rankings. Recruitment is much more about where you see yourself fitting in, which is how it should be.

2. To be fair to Aopi, they did kick out a tonnn of girls which explains the numbers recently. One of my really good friends is in aopi and said they had to get rid of a lot of toxic girls who only cared about partying, so that's a good thing! They seem to have a good sisterhood and more genuine girls now.

3. I think AXO is by far the most slept on sorority at wmu! The girls are not always the most "trendy" or "popular", but do not overlook these girls! Amazing grades and involvement, and a great sisterhood to offer to their girls.

4. You can find a home in any of them; they are all way more alike than they are different, and at the end of the day they all offer the same experience.

By: oooo
#3  by: Blahblahblah   

Honestly pretty accurate, not a whole lot to add.

By: Blahblahblah
#4  by: huh   

I agree on this list a lot but don't put Delta Zeta at the bottom. These girls are still predominantly favored during recruitment, most of the time taking a lot of pmns away from chi o and a phi. The girls they have now have a really good sisterhood and are definitely trying to rebuild from there past issues.

By: huh
#5  by: geed   

lol at whoever put dz on the bottom. obviously someone threatened by them

By: geed
by: hahaAug 15, 2019 9:42:08 AM

No one is threatened by them, they have some cool girls for sure but as a whole they don't participate in things involving philanthropy, they don't really try to get to know the other sororities, and they don't have good retention

By: haha
#6  by: Sorority2017   

Pretty accurate, I would say that DZ could come back to middle but you’re not wrong they have a lot of problems that aren’t being fixed.

By: Sorority2017
#7  by: Wow   

I can't believe how few sororities are left on campus.

By: Wow
#8  by: Lol   

Lol SK should be lower tier they are the most average girls
I’ve met in my life and they think they are hot tamales. If you girls wanna be average join SK and AOII but If you’re a hottie go
To DZ APHI or Chi O. Otherwise don’t go Greek.

By: Lol
by: wowwwNov 20, 2019 9:09:42 PM

u most be cool

By: wowww
#9  by: GreekLife   

Perfect rankings

By: GreekLife
#10  by: yes   

this is pretty good

By: yes

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