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Delta Sigma Phi fraternity chapter comments at Western Illinois University - WIU

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#1  by: bottom   

bottom tier house, they just got kicked off campus this semester.

By: bottom
#2  by: uhhh   

^^ not true. DSP has always been a top tier house. i'm also pretty sure that they did not get kicked off campus, they supposedly cleaned house bigtime and are starting up again with recruiting brand new people, so it might not be the same DSP that it once was.

By: uhhh
#3  by: Ilovethed   

Love dsp. Clearly the top house on campus and always has been

By: Ilovethed
#4  by: wiugreek   

Yeah... they were kicked off temporarily. Only have a few members now. Kind of like what happened to DU. They're rude and never go to anything even when they were around.

By: wiugreek
#5  by: Greeklife   

Never compare DU to DSP. DSP has the best house on campus with the best brotherhood as well. People thought they wouldn't come back to what they used to be but as far as I see they came back even stronger. There is a lot of rumors about this fraternity but they are on top. It's not even close

By: Greeklife
by: wellMay 31, 2018 1:12:06 PM

And yet Delta Sig was, once again, shut down. This has happened so many times for this chapter over the decades. If they come back, and it's almost certain they will, they clearly need closer monitoring of their ongoing standards to keep from falling back to the same old pattern of self-destruction. Reorganization has become an all too familiar pattern for this chapter. Sounds like a consultant report, but it is a fact.

By: well
#6  by: But why?   

Why are Delta Sig and Pike still listed among the chapters being ranked when they have been closed for years?

By: But why?
#7  by: Not surprised   

Reorganization has become a way of life for this organization. As stated above, they clearly need more intensive and lasting monitoring of their standards or they will just be shut down again for the umpteenth time. Their alumni must finally be growing tired of this vicious cycle of decline.

By: Not surprised

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