freshman of 2016

by: Anon

I've heard the fraternities at western sucked (could be completely wrong, just what I heard). Coming in next year is it worth rushing? Where would be worth it?

Posted By: Anon
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#1  by: yikes   

I thinks you'll just have to find out for yourself. Sometimes when you hear stuff it's just all talk and complete false information. Just wait till you get to western and make the decision to rush for yourself, based on your perspective of the fraterities

By: yikes
#2  by: Recruitment Director   

They don't always suck. I'm over recruitment for one of the groups on campus, and I can say that some groups on campus really are terrible, but not all. Just look for the groups that are actually close with one another, and be mindful of dues. If their dues are higher than the others, then they waste money. Some groups on campus are mindful f the money they spend, so they can respect your dues, while others buy non-essential items that they will only use once and half the time don't even get around to using them.

By: Recruitment Director

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