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my brother goes to this school.. and after visiting, to be real here, i have concluded that it's a joke.. Sure if you like being in the middle of no where with nothing to do but look at nature (even that gets old) I guess it'll be fitting for you. Greek life is a joke and from what I've seen, some of you guys try a little to hard for how small the school is. If you truly want a college experience in the mountains go to app state or something. If you think you'd enjoy being in a isolated forest with a mediocre Greek life, and a small local town then this will be the place for you.

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#1  by: Sig Ep #9   

Why is this guy's review even here? He visited once. Once! If his brother, who actually attended WCU, wrote a review, that would be relevant, but a review after one visit isn't worth the ones and zeros it's stored as. I visited Alabama once, I didn't see anything special. Now, let's everyone base their opinion of Alabama on my one visit... that makes sense, right? Nope. It sure doesn't. Now, "NCSU", I'm sorry your visit to see your brother didn't go well, but maybe if you weren't such a debbie downer, you might could have had a good time.

By: Sig Ep #9
by: barkietwinsSep 15, 2019 9:14:46 AM

Amen, what a negative person

By: barkietwins
#2  by: wtf   

We saw your other post loser

By: wtf

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