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Hi! I'm not sure how sorority recruitment works at WSU. I will be a Junior in the Fall and a transfer student from another university where I did not pledge any sorority. Would it be too late to go through rush as a Junior? I don't know a single person at Wayne and would love to meet a bunch of people through Greek life!

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#1  by: WSU sorority girl   

It's not too late to go through recruitment as a junior! In the fall there will be formal recruitment you can go through and meet all four of the different sororities!

By: WSU sorority girl
by: TransferMay 19, 2016 10:52:03 PM

when does the formal recruitment take place?

By: Transfer
#2  by: JuniorWarrior   

I see that this thread is a bit old, but I’m actually in the same situation! I am a junior transfer student pledging in the fall. I’m really hoping someone can give me more of a rundown on how recruitment works, seeing as it’s only a few days! I’m so excited to meet all my potential sisters, and I would love to know what to expect on each day knowing there aren’t physical houses.

By: JuniorWarrior

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