what are the real sorority rankings here?

by: Haylie

What are the real sorority rankings here? Top tier? Mid Tier? Bottom Tier?

Posted By: Haylie
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#1  by: Lame   

Greek Life here is lame. Nothing compared to greek life in schools like Michigan and State.

By: Lame
#2  by: Jazz   

1. DZ
2. KD
3. aephi
4. AGD

1. Pike
2. Sigma pi
3. Alpha Sig

By: Jazz
#3  by: WSU student   

I would say DZ and KD are definitely top tier. DZ probably just better then KD.
AGD would be middle.
Then way, way, way, down... is AEPHI.

By: WSU student
#4  by: Author   

I would definitely say DZ top. No question.
I would do AGD second, KD third, and AEPHI bottom.

By: Author
by: CrazyApr 4, 2020 3:28:42 PM

100% agree with this one. AGD is way better than KD.

By: Crazy
#5  by: Are you serious   

KD are you kidding me???!!!!! Stop ranking yourself it’s obvious this is you no one would put you this high up.... y’all are all bottom tier no question.
AGD and DZ are hottest.
Aephi irrelevant.

By: Are you serious

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