pike really fell off so fast

by: sad story

pike was literally untouchable… the parties, events, formals, brotherhood, clout, and everything else. now it’s literally dead, how.

Posted By: sad story
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#1  by: Reason   

Its cause All their studs in the fall 2020 pc dropped and the ones that got throught went on to become felons

By: Reason
by: BruhJun 21, 2022 12:16:16 AM

They’re one stud was the GRC president…smfh ain’t nobody in that class to save them

By: Bruh
#2  by: Eh   

They arent doing really that bad, they just didn’t underground recruit because they followed vcu regulations after adam oakes died

By: Eh
by: ThefactsSep 14, 2022 12:41:41 PM

They didnt underground recruit because they were on suspension one more mess up and they were off campus

By: Thefacts
#3  by: Rope   

Awww are you upset :( For the amount of money you’re paying for school, you can’t even write a proper sentence

By: Rope
#4  by: Cap   

Eh I wouldn’t say anywhere near dead. Culture shift has kind of decreased their appeal because they are really the only traditional fraternity at vcu. To frat for the school smh

By: Cap
#5  by: Huh   

Im rushing pike and they r lit wtf

By: Huh

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