Frat/srat pc rankings 2022

by: facts

A combined list of the new pledge classes

1.) Phi Mu / FIJI (spring) / Sigma / Theta Chi (fall)
2.) Agd / Kappa sig (fall) / Pikapp (spring)
3.) Zeta / Pike (both)
4.) Asa / Axid

The rest are irrelevant tbh

Posted By: facts
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#1  by: WhatHappened   

Fiji spring class is the worst pc of the whole year straight goobs

By: WhatHappened
#2  by: Eh   

Pike and Kdr had a better spring class then both fiji and pikapp. Kappa sig had the best overall

By: Eh
by: WhatMay 15, 2022 12:55:50 PM

Kdr spring class was dirt too though, T chi’s spring class was p solid, not the best, but deff not bad for 15 heads

By: What
by: LolMay 16, 2022 11:56:17 PM

Kappa sig

By: Lol
#3  by: G   

What even constitutes the best pledge??class it’s obviously not based off attractiveness lol

By: G
#4  by: Real   

1. Pike(spring+old fall)/kappa sig(fall)/ sigma (spring
2. Phi mu / tchi (fall) /
3. Zeta / fiji (spring)
4. Pikapp / agd
5. Honorable mention kdr

By: Real
by: bruhMay 21, 2022 9:53:12 PM

ur on something if you're putting kappa sig above tchi, also phi mu and sigma should be tied but ig that depends on preference. what geeks is that zeta is deadass above agd now, sad.

By: bruh
#5  by: Ngl   

Im not even in kappa sig but their pc is better than tchis. Kdr pike kap sig brothers all looked tuff at the agd workout challenge the rest looked like goobers. Some didnt even show out cause tgey dont have enough brothers in shape 🤣🤣🤣

By: Ngl
#6  by: Vcu   

Its actually sad that 3 of the 7 main fraternity participated in a physical fitness sorority event just shows vcu heads r not tuff. Except those guys

By: Vcu

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