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poll icon imagePOLL: What Frat has the cutest guys ??? By: Heyyyaaa   Last Post:

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By: Heyyyaaa   Last Post:

Started: Feb 15, 2020 12:13:36 PM
Giving out too many bids By: Anon   Last Post:

“They have the most NM/Rushees” you know with main top...Read More

By: Anon   Last Post:

Started: Feb 11, 2020 2:44:29 PM
Pledge Classes for frats By: Lol   Last Post:

So what would y’all rank the pledge classes this semester?...Read More

By: Lol   Last Post:

Started: Feb 10, 2020 6:40:39 PM
Coolest frat party at UTSA By: 69420   Last Post:

What was the best frat party at UTSA that you...Read More

By: 69420   Last Post:

Started: Feb 12, 2020 1:34:19 PM
What’s going on with TKE By: Starry:)   Last Post:

I used to think these guys were great until sororities...Read More

By: Starry:)   Last Post:

Started: Feb 5, 2020 1:28:05 AM
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Which Fraternity to Rush By: Lullaby   Last Post:

Ok so my opinion and having to get to know...Read More

By: Lullaby   Last Post:

Started: Jan 20, 2020 2:43:40 PM
Rush By: Hi   Last Post:

I’ll be transferring from a community college to utsa in...Read More

By: Hi   Last Post:

Started: Jan 28, 2020 11:56:31 AM
poll icon imagePOLL: Hottest sorority? By: Idk   Last Post:

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By: Idk   Last Post:

Started: Oct 15, 2019 1:37:49 AM
Joint events .... boooo By: UKnow   Last Post:

All these frats back ride off the Lit ones so...Read More

By: UKnow   Last Post:

Started: Jan 20, 2020 2:48:57 PM
TKE TKE TKE TKE By: Babiiii   Last Post:

Just wanted to sayyyyy .... Be a freak pipe a...Read More

By: Babiiii   Last Post:

Started: Dec 19, 2019 12:17:32 PM
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