Frat rankings (halfway through spring 2022)

by: Ranks

There are only 5 relevant frats that do stuff currently to be honest.

SNU and SK. These guys throw bangers together all the time. SNU is a little better, but can’t go wrong with either. If there is a SK or SNU party especially if it’s a joint, let’s be real that’s where you’re going.

The rest:
PIKE, Fiji, and SigEp. SigEp has potential to make noise on campus soon, just not there yet. PIKE has good parties, but it’s also PIKE. Fiji, well everyone kinda hates them but I guess sometimes fun.

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#1  by: Ranks   

SK= SX sorry had too much wine :,)

By: Ranks
#2  by: Now   

Traditional ranking are toxic. SigEp tends to attract the kind of guy who wants more than a drinking club out of his fraternity. Students go to college to develop personally and professionally. Some other fraternities have facilities that house brothers in environments that harm rather than help those goals by forcing brothers to go elsewhere to study during parties. But SigEp's substance-free facility provides a very conducive environment for doing what students go to college to do.

By: Now
#3  by: Urite   

Agree with sig chi and snu on top, but I'd put pike right below them and above the others. Their parties on row are pretty impressive (no I'm not a pike, but I do have respect for what they're doing)

By: Urite
#4  by: E   

SigEp is merging and becoming Phi Sig

By: E
#5  by: Clarence   

SigEp has a pending investigation and then there will be a membership review (again)

By: Clarence
#6  by: What   

Did Sig Ep really get kicked off?

For what?

By: What
by: JkeyMay 4, 2022 12:56:23 PM

University administrators and many of our peer fraternities are looking for SigEp to lead our campus to a “new normal” and fully separate ourselves from the drinking club brand associated with all fraternities. SigEp’s substance free policy is a strong start. I understand that this will be hard. It will be hard when other fraternities are still hosting parties in their houses. It will be hard on game days when the entire campus is tailgating. And it will be harder still when friends and dates ask why they can’t come pregame at our house before an event. But it is still the right thing to do and it can work.

By: Jkey
#7  by: Nah   

This is self imposed death sentence

By: Nah
#8  by: Ios   

The real SigEps all quit because the national fraternity banned drinking and turned pledging in to just downloading the Balanced Man app. Current chapter is just SimpEp, they're aren't even real brothers

By: Ios
#9  by: Spe lover    


By: Spe lover
#10  by: DGov   

SigEp’s purpose is to develop balanced men who make a difference in their communities, and we expect chapters and their members to act in accordance with our values. In this case, members have repeatedly violated the law and the Fraternity's and University’s policies on risk management and substance abuse. When the cultural issues within a chapter conflict with our values and are too deeply rooted to change, the National Fraternity will act responsibly to ensure the safety of students and other members of the campus community.

By: DGov
by: TIAMay 24, 2022 4:26:06 PM

Is Sig Ep suspended?


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