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by: help please

I'm coming from a big 12 school, I am very familiar with greek life and I have been initiated into a fraternity. However, the chapter here (not trying to offend anyone) doesn't have a house, and it doesn't seem like they have any presence on campus at all (events, philanthro, etc.) Then again, I've only IFC chapters I've seen on campus that have any presence are Sigma Chi and PIKE. I was curious if people live in the houses here? Not the biggest thing issue for me; can someone name fraternities that have strong brotherhood, or enlighten me with some knowledge about greek life here? I am curious as to what is the rushing process at UTA. Honestly, just looking to make some friends on campus. Many people don't socialize with each other since many are commuters, who solely focus on school and I completely understand. It would be nice to be able to be a part of something "bigger" than myself. I'm not complaining about UTA, I chose to come here and save money and I've already experienced the parties and women portion that came along with the brotherhood. Maybe UTA greek life just is not for me... If that's the case what other organizations/clubs are their to join that would be similar to fraternity or could I be able to make friends on campus?

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#1  by: Some Dude   

If you were already initiated in a fraternity, try reaching out to your brothers man. If the current UTA chapter seems uninvolved, join up and help change that chapter for the better.

By: Some Dude
by: yoApr 17, 2019 3:23:39 AM

can i still do so? even though greek life is taking all this heat, is it still going to be a thing?

By: yo
#2  by: Mav fan    

The social suspension is only temporary.

By: Mav fan
#3  by: Werdna   

No its not too late

By: Werdna
#4  by: Well...   

If you weren’t a troll, high school kid etc... you wouldn’t be asking about rushing if you’ve already been initiated into a frat...

By: Well...

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