Fraternity Standings- Summer 2024

by: Rush Interpreter

New format on the ranks. Also, It’s embarrassing how active this forum is during the summer. Like Jesus.

Group 1- DKE, Zete, Hall, Elmo
Order is interchangeable, say what you want but these four are the same frats. Idk what made them the top but here they are. Late nights aren’t that great for these tbh.

Group 2- Phi Psi, SAE
Phi Psi the clear favorite here. Great darties and sorority relations. Honestly should be at the level of the top 4. SAE just doesn’t deserve to be moved to the lower group, yet. Nothing too special about them.

Group 3- Chi Phi, Sig Chi
These two are pretty close, last year chi phi was far ahead but I’d say sig chi is moving up and chi phi is moving down. Location is holding sig chi back, and NME for Chi Phi.

Group 4- SNU, Beta
The greekrank group. It’s a shame they lost half their coalition. Very popular frats in the fall, but downhill in the spring- particularly Beta. Favorite locations for bottom tier sororities. Could see potential to move up or down this upcoming year.

Group 5- DU, PiKapp
These two frats really took advantage of the suspensions. Both had solid parties and relations later in the Spring. Gonna be interesting to see how they move in the fall.

Let me know in the comments your opinion on future ranks and mobility for 2024-25.

Posted By: Rush Interpreter
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#1  by: Bruh   

Sig chi moving down

By: Bruh
#2  by: Bots   

Whoever botted this one with downvotes forgot to do it for the other one 😭

By: Bots
by: HuhJun 11, 2024 8:23:29 AM

It’s a glitched double post buddy

By: Huh
#3  by: Nah   

DKE the clear favorite at the top

By: Nah
#4  by: Truth   

SAE better darties and nicer guys than Phi Psi. Think they are better or at same level

By: Truth
#5  by: false   

move Beta up, they are on the rise

By: false
#6  by: phi psi   

In what world does phi psi have better darties than SAE

By: phi psi
#7  by: Greek   

sig chi rising, group 2 soon maybe

By: Greek

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