2021 Bid day themes

by: Ham smith

Sooo what are the themes this year we’re all dying to know.

Posted By: Ham smith
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#1  by: L   

you won’t know until bid day. no chapter will come on here and say it willingly. good luck with recruitment!

By: L
#2  by: G   

Is bid night in person or virtual this year? Asking out of pure curiosity (not involved).

By: G
by: lSep 27, 2021 5:28:18 PM

in person

By: l
#3  by: here you go   

XO - Kasey Musgraves / Golden Hour
AXO - Denim?
AXID - Barbie's Dream House
APHI - Storms
PSS - Cloud / Dreams
KD - Butterflies

all very cute but very vague themes this year! the golden hour one was all over tik tok at schools everywhere

By: here you go

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