dg house - when and where?

by: NVG

Plans have been in the works for years; however, there appears to be recent talk about a new house.
-When is Delta Gamma building a new house?
-Where will the new DG house be built?

Posted By: NVG
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#1  by: DeeGeeA   

Not getting a new house

By: DeeGeeA
#2  by: Yup   

The new house they’ve been talking about will be built right across from pi phi, theta and tri delt where they own property. Idk when but that’s where it’ll be

By: Yup
#3  by: ChiO   

Heard the new DG house will be built by Spring 2020. Anyone else here anything?

By: ChiO
#4  by: SK   

Yeah, it’s getting built on that lot across from Pi Phi and Tri Delt and should be completed in by next spring (2020)

By: SK
by: AlumnaeNVDec 6, 2019 8:29:41 PM

Update heard that the DG girls will be able to move in-time for Fall 2020 - Recruitment will be great!

By: AlumnaeNV
#5  by: BlueStone   

When is the anticipated start of construction? Where can we see the blueprints or renderings?

By: BlueStone

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