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Post fall 2021 rankings By: zyx   Last Post:


By: zyx   Last Post:

Started: Jan 9, 2022 12:44:10 PM
Frat question for curious students By: Curious george   Last Post:

What is the best frat to join with the most...Read More

By: Curious george   Last Post:

Started: Jan 18, 2022 5:07:40 PM
Frat Rankings (non biased geed) By: Real Frat Rankings   Last Post:

Top: Phi sig Theta Chi Upper Middle: Kappa sig Pi kappa phi...Read More

By: Real Frat Rankings   Last Post:

Started: Jan 16, 2022 10:07:13 AM
Looking to rush Alpha Sig and Kappa Sig By: springfreshman   Last Post:

I'm a freshman who's interested in rushing and looking into...Read More

By: springfreshman   Last Post:

Started: Jan 10, 2022 6:17:34 PM
Actual Spring 2021 Sorority/Fraternity Rankings By: Non geed   Last Post:

Sororities Kappa SDT/SK/AEPhi AXO/Chi O IGU Tri Sig Fraternities Theta Chi Alpha Sig/Phi Sig Sig Chi/Pikapp ZBT/TKE Delta Chi/AEPi Fiji/SigEp/AXP...Read More

By: Non geed   Last Post:

Started: Feb 25, 2021 4:40:56 PM
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20 Allen street By: Pi on da rise   Last Post:

Pull up to alpha epsilon pi. #bingbong # buyin #itsnothathard...Read More

By: Pi on da rise   Last Post:

Started: Nov 20, 2021 11:20:17 PM
Frats at Umass are going downhill. By: Frat guy   Last Post:

There is no point in joining a frat at Umass...Read More

By: Frat guy   Last Post:

Started: Oct 24, 2021 8:33:50 AM
Real frat rankings fall 21 By: Yessir   Last Post:

Top: Theta Chi Phi Sig Mid: Pi kapp Kappa sig Alpha sig Bottom: ZBT Delta Chi TKE...Read More

By: Yessir   Last Post:

Started: Sep 21, 2021 11:12:40 PM
Thoughts on sorority recruitment? By: NC   Last Post:

What is everyone’s favorite chapters? Least favorite chapters? Any surprises?...Read More

By: NC   Last Post:

Started: Sep 27, 2021 4:52:03 PM
Frat Trends: End of Spring 2021 By: IFC Offical   Last Post:

After the eventually dismantle of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity...Read More

By: IFC Offical   Last Post:

Started: Jun 2, 2021 11:42:09 AM
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