Is everyone guaranteed a bid for recruitment? The 2018 guidebook alludes to that but the 2019 one says nothing.

Posted By: Wondering PNM
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Not everyone is guaranteed a bid to any house

By: Srat
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what i was told is if you put at least 9 houses or more down, then you are likely guaranteed a bid. Just smile and be courteous and you'll be able to make friends homie!!

By: lmao
by: PnmAug 1, 2019 5:58:43 PM

Do people get dropped during the week?

By: Pnm
by: PnmAug 1, 2019 6:15:33 PM

Do people get dropped during the week?

By: Pnm
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Depending how you connected with the women from each chapter, you may or may not get dropped by them as the week goes on.

By: don’t stress
by: ^^^this^^^Aug 2, 2019 11:35:45 AM

It's really all about how you connect with the other women. If you and them don't really connect, then theres a possibility of being dropped. Just be comfortable in yourself and try not to be someone you're not.

By: ^^^this^^^
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Recruitment is a mutual selection process. In the past years girls who maximize their preference and meet the GPA requirements have been guaranteed bids. I’d wait until recruitment to hear more about Guaranteed Bids though. Good luck!!

By: Mutual
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Tbh last year I know over 15 girls (just the girls I knew there were more) just myself that dropped or got dropped and they honestly were normal girls. A lot of people don’t get invited back to houses and are left with 2 houses or one house that they really don’t feel a connection with and end up dropping themselves out. This is fine and it does suck, but just keep in mind informal rush in the winter will give you a second chance at some houses.

By: Sorority
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The good thing is that a lot of girls end up cutting themselves because they don’t feel like rushing so keep that in mind too

By: hi

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