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Lower Top:

Upper Mid:

Lower Mid:

Honorable Mid:

AEPi - undoubtly the strongest in terms of social presence, size and philanthropy. They have lots of houses and great sorority connections, they have been here for a long time.

ADP- ever since they have acquired the dime, their social presence has gone upward and they are here to stay. Only reason they are not top is because AEPi has lots of alumni money and size.

Lower Top:
-Sig Chi has huge social and philanthropic presence but they are not as big as the top dawgs. They just got back on campus.
-AKL throws down a lot and has great sorority relations. They are huge in terms of size. They have many houses and are going to quickly ride to the top.

Upper Mid:
-Phi Delt is a great group of guys who have earned their spot here. They have a lot of houses and connections. They will rise to the top.
-ZBT might pull through with the suspension, they have size and social presence. They are slowly declining.

Lower Mid:
-SigEp has size and the fraternity as a whole is well rounded, it is what you should be looking for in a fraternity.
-The rest here can be interchangeable based on the week. Lower Mid is a grayish area and it’s up to the orgs to decide how they want to expand and grow.

With TKE and PIKE’s suspension over, they will be returning anytime soon, recruitment will be very competitive. The rest of the off campus frats are slowly fading away. Some advice for all of the orgs is to expand their fraternity connections by doing joint events and gaining sorority connections through them.

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#1  by:    

Akl get out of here. Switch them and Phi Delt.

By: Absolute cap
by: RelaxDec 6, 2019 10:09:18 AM

Phi delt you don’t even have a ville house

By: Relax
#2  by:    

okay im sorry, anyone who put pi kapp in lower mid and akl in lower top is retarded. lmao might be one of the most bias lists on here.

By: lmao
#3  by:    

pikapp not on bottom is a gigantic cap

By: noonoo
by: LolDec 8, 2019 12:16:06 AM

When will y’all learn

By: Lol
by: suDec 9, 2019 3:55:59 PM

Ok pikapp! You have parties in another zipcode and pull the hottest sororities (phi rho & aopi). watch the throne everybody!

By: su
#4  by:    

The nationwide substance-free policy is bringing SigEp into a bright future for fraternities. The goal for all SigEp chapters is to actively shift the paradigm in our chapters to promote an environment that is focused on academic success and away from the stereotypical fraternity environment. SigEp's UConn chapter is leading the NewNormal we need now.

By: NN
by: Jody Dec 15, 2019 11:31:43 PM

When I was a young girl in middle school all I dreamed about was joining SigEp

By: Jody
#5  by:    

Move the last row in lower mid to top row in bottom

By: Adjustments
#6  by:    

Why is aepi even considered top? I don't think they come even close to like fiji or phi delt in social presence

By: Missy
#7  by:    

Found the GDI sigma chi

By: Haha
#8  by:    

Found the GDI sigma chi

By: Haha
by: Found the GDI sigma chiDec 24, 2019 12:46:15 AM

Found the GDI sIgMa cHi

By: Found the GDI sigma chi
#9  by:    

Sig chi too high for just getting back on

By: Spring
#10  by:    

Tke back?

By: Sirg

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