Rushing off campus frats?


How do you rush the off campus frats, what's the hazing like, etc?

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You don’t and you shouldn’t.

By: Nope
by: NopeJan 14, 2020 8:43:45 AM

Reasons why you shouldn't:

-They don't throw parties
-You won't be able to live in the Ville
-Sorority girls aren't allowed to go to their "events"
-In two years, these frats won't exist
-Your pledge class will be 3 guys

Don't let these greaseballs trick you into thinking going off campus is a better option because in no way do you benefit from being an unrecognized organization.

By: Nope
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Know people in them

By: Flacko
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easy get up onto a table at the U during lunch, put your thumb in your butt hole and yell at the top of your lungs "SAE IS TOP TIER" and poof their rush chair will appear

By: moof
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since no one wants to say it if youre not in aepi or maybe adp just cuz of their house then every other on campus frat is majority made up of squids and you will guarantee have a better time in an off campus frat and be surrounded by cooler bros

By: p
by: Hmm okDec 9, 2019 11:51:05 PM

What’s your definition of “cooler bro’s”?

By: Hmm ok
by: PDec 14, 2019 11:25:26 AM

People who actually partied in highschool and weren’t in the chorus lmao

By: P
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Lmao since when did partying in high school mean you’re cool

By: Lol
by: Since forever ago Dec 24, 2019 6:17:17 PM

Since when did graduating a Virgin and taking your first sip of beer in college mean your cool? People like you sucked all through grade school then joined a fraternity thinking this will “reinvent” themselves. Fact is, you still suck and everyone knows it.

By: Since forever ago
by: bertDec 27, 2019 4:42:30 PM

lmao sounds like someone peaked in highschool

By: bert
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The majority of frats have “hazing” to some degree. Every “top” or off campus frat has squids that will make you ask yourself how are they a top frat. Vice versa, every low or mid tier frat will have guys that make you ask yourself why they aren’t in a “better” frat. With the exception of Sammy pi kapp and dtd, every frat has parties. People will say that all the “smokes” only go to certain frats. In reality, there is usually a fair number of attractive and unattractive girls at every party. With the exception of the aforementioned orgs, every frat has alcoholics, potheads, really any drug users, gamblers, dudes that will bang any girl with a pulse, etc. Where ever you go, you will have a similar experience.

By: It’s just the truth
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Most off campus frats have been around campus for a long time and have built a process. Most on campus frats give out dumb bids just to get numbers up, and have no clue what they're doing. They're just trying to be the "best frat on campus". You're gonna grow much greater bonds with your bros off campus and have a much deeper alumni network as compared to a recently chartered on campus frat. go off, you're gonna get hazed most places.

By: Tim

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