what chapters are doing cob this semester

by: cob

are any chapters doing cob this semester?? specifically looking at gphi and chi o! are any doing it during the spring?

Posted By: cob
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#1  by: CU Buff Alum   

I would grab anything you can to be perfectly honest. Rush was SO competitive this year and so many girls ended up with no house. I would absolutely try to get a bid somewhere this year. Enrollment is and will continue to go through the roof with Coach Prime. Also, Rush Tok has brought out a record number of girls at colleges throughout the country. Rush next year is going to be insane!!!! Sko Buffs!

By: CU Buff Alum
by: fingers crossed Sep 14, 2023 6:22:01 PM

I really hope that girls who want to cob their freshman year are able to do so

By: fingers crossed
#2  by: DDD   

tri-delt is doing COB! Info is on our socials! 💗

#3  by: maybe   

Your chances with chio probably aren’t great. Your chances with gphi are going to be much better. ddd is def doing cob too.

By: maybe
by: NopeSep 10, 2023 11:56:11 AM

Gphi isn’t doing cob

By: Nope
#4  by: maybe   

also, I would try to pledge freshman year vs sophomore year. enrollment is expected to go thru the roof next year and houses usually give preference to freshman over sophomores

By: maybe
#5  by: shhhhhh   

a lot of houses will do unannounced cob if they have girls that they really wanted. It looks like aphi is continuing to add new girls but I’m sure it’s not like announced

By: shhhhhh
by: A person Sep 12, 2023 7:32:24 PM

I feel like a phi is always doing cob but they don’t announce it bc they don’t wanna seem uncool but they for sure have trouble hitting quota and keeping members

By: A person
by: yeaSep 12, 2023 7:48:26 PM

idk i feel like aphi can hit quota but always has to cob because they struggle with retention? Am I wrong?

By: yea
by: Panhel <3Sep 12, 2023 8:09:55 PM

Omg stop hating on aphi.

By: Panhel <3
#6  by: Yo   

I wouldn’t count on chi o doing cob. I think only tri delt is cuz everyone else hit quota

By: Yo
by: chi oSep 12, 2023 7:54:27 PM

chi o is not doing it. as a pnm we were told if we dropped out of recruitment that there would be cob opportunities for some houses but now no one has space in their pc’s 😟

By: chi o
#7  by: all joking aside   

Trying to get a bid this year is like trying to get football tickets in the Coach Prime Era 🤣

By: all joking aside
#8  by: td    

Tri delt is and that’s it. Sororities with bad retention will probably cob in January. I wouldn’t hold your breath on any sorority besides tri delt tho

By: td
by: Dog Doo SimpleSep 13, 2023 12:08:52 PM

All chapters are allowed to take quota.

If, by making that quota number they're at or over Chapter Maximum Total, they WILL NOT have COB.

THAT is how some chapters hitting quota do COB, while other chapters hitting quota don't do COB.

By: Dog Doo Simple
by: okaySep 13, 2023 12:18:03 PM

this makes sense. so you can fill your entire pc and still cob if you are under chapter total (ie-had a lot of seniors graduate last year) ?

By: okay

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