Current Frat Tier Rankings

by: Mhm

The tiers are ranked in no specific order. It’s all gonna depend on who you know, the vibes you like, and the just who throws a good party week to week. With that said, I think these tiers are the consensus

Fiji, Psi, DU

Sig chi, AD

Aepi, Zeta, Pike

Posted By: Mhm
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#1  by: Uhh   

Aepi shouldn’t be with pike and zeta imo. Maybe add one more tier because they aren’t sig or AD either.

By: Uhh
by: Yesbutno?Mar 8, 2022 11:58:58 AM

They def don't throw enough to be on par w them but they're def mid-tier. Maybe mid-tier but below the two?

By: Yesbutno?
#2  by: Huh   

eh I think AD’s starting to creep into that top tier

By: Huh
by: lolMar 8, 2022 11:59:32 AM

okay pledge

By: lol
#3  by: Fax   

Psi, AD, and SigChi are definitely tied nowadays.
Upper top tier is Fiji Du
Lower top tier is Psi, AD, Sig Chi

Bottom tier is the rest

By: Fax
by: BroMar 8, 2022 6:25:19 PM

Anyone who goes to both psi and ad/sig chi can tell the difference. No offense but everyone knows it

By: Bro
by: No they are rightMar 8, 2022 7:30:38 PM

My friends and I go to both and you’re right, we can tell the difference: psi is 10x more sketch and unsafe.

The only reason psi is tied is because of the clout from past years, now the prestige of the guys there is just the same as anywhere else.

By: No they are right
#4  by: Pledges lmao   

Only people putting Sig Chi and Alpha Delt with Psi are pledges. They’ve gotten a little overzealous these days

By: Pledges lmao

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