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what are the reputations/ranks of sororities at this school? still deciding whether or not to rush

Posted By: srat rat
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Top Tier:
Phi Mu - big partiers, pretty girls, classic top tier, tall and blonde
Chi Omega- always recruit well and get good girls, well known by everyone on campus, really nice and fun girls
Alpha Xi Delta - got a decent pledge class, on the rise, decent girls

Middle Tier:
Alpha Phi - do a lot for their philanthropy, consistently cookie cutter girls with fake personalities
Alpha Gamma Delta - got some great girls in the fall, on the rise but need some more work to do
Alpha Delta Pi - used to be good but now they haze and a lot of girls dropped
Kappa Delta - still pretty new and have been getting better

Bottom Tier:
Alpha Chi Omega - sweet girls just not very well known on campus
Sigma Sigma Sigma - a good group of girls who love each other, just not for everyone
Delta Zeta - sometimes they come off as snotty but they do have a diverse chapter
Delta Gamma - brand new and had trouble during recruitment, have the potential to get better

By: supsude
by: jamesJun 16, 2019 11:14:08 PM

pretty accurate but i think adpi would be higher than axd..... jssss... phi mu, chi o, and adpi will always be top tier and the best on campus to hang with the best fratsss

By: james
by: truth Jun 19, 2019 12:46:09 AM

honestly super accurate and couldn’t agree more

By: truth
by: yuhAug 8, 2019 1:05:58 PM

probably one of the most accurate things anyone could find on this page ygg

By: yuh
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these are pretty good! but alpha phi are fake girls and should be top tier butttt that’s all i’m saying.... especially over axid... but you got the other sororities stereotypes pretty accurate

By: accurate

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