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Phi Kap sucks.

By: Phi Kap Sucks
by: AnchorgirlFeb 13, 2013 10:40:32 PM

I went to phi cap once had half a beer and a cup of punch and the next thing I knew I was being carried back to the dorms. A bunch of my girlfriends said I was slipped something.

By: Anchorgirl
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as far as i know sigo and dk are the best houses and have the best parties on campus, and idk about sig tau but phi kap sucks they dont even have a house -_-

By: student
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I read that DK was the reason why the Greeks were first kicked off the campus in the 80s. They killed a pledge!!!(seriously..google it) I can't imagine they are the "best house"... or the best fraternity for that matter.

By: TF91
by: honestbroMay 25, 2014 12:47:52 PM

DK was not the reason Greek life got kicked off, TKE was. If DK had been the one who killed someone they wouldn't be here anymore. TKE got their charter pulled after that and that's why their gone.

By: honestbro
by: UMLstudentJan 22, 2016 7:57:54 PM

No, you're correct. A pledge was killed in a hazing incident related to DK. He was put in an attic with a space heater and unfortunately overheated. However Greek life was not recognized by the university at this point in time, everything they did was underground.

By: UMLstudent
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There where a few fraternities that had hazing incidents that resulted in the death of a member. The last time something unfortunate happened was in the 1980's, with the entire Greek system being thrown off campus shortly thereafter. Rumor had it that PI Lambda Phi was the last fraternity to cause a pledge's death, but details are a bit scarce on it. TKE did not lose their charter until the mid to late 90's.

By: UML Alum
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DK has a kid die but it wasn’t their fault and they weren’t punished based on that. TKE had the space heater. DK and Opi are the safest and best parties. If you have an incident with a guy they don’t even mess around they just kick the kid out. I’ve talked to their bros about the outlook on Greeks and they try real hard to fight it. Sig tau blows hard, but the others idk

By: Greek

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