aephi pledge class was a joke

by: HA

Girls were pretty and all but damn there was barely 10 of them....are they that bad at recruiting??

Posted By: HA
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#1  by: you're just rude    

take your comments somewhere else because they're not welcome here, their chapter is already small so imagine how much work each girl put into recruitment week, as a member of a larger chapter, i've seen how much work goes into recruitment and i could only imagine if my chapter was smaller

By: you're just rude
#2  by: why   

all the chapters you could come here to bash and you chose aephi? bet you have a lot of cool stuff going on in your life

By: why
#3  by: New Pledge   

Honestly AEPhi girls are really awesome, and having a small pledge class just means that they’ll have a much closer bond than a pledge class of (for example) 30+. Sure it’s a bummer that they don’t have a bunch of members, but if they’re happy, then who really cares?

By: New Pledge
#4  by: U suck lol   

Smaller chapters tend to have smaller pledge classes and tbh they’ve improved a lot! It’s sad youre even tryna pick on them when there’s a few chapters that are known to actually be problematic, every girl I’ve met in aephi so far is so sweet! Small =/= bad

By: U suck lol

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