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How does rushing work at UC Merced? There's a smaller number of sororities here, do we get cut each round still?

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Recruitment or "Rush" for sororities is a three day event that will showcase each sorority at UCM. The first night will be a intro- you will meet all the Panhellenic sororities. That night (Friday) you and your Rho Alpha group-picked at random with other girls going through rush & a mentor who is currently in Greek life will answer any questions about rushing- will rank the sororities in private from 1st to Your last choice (you clicked with the most, you felt at home, or who you absolutely hate).
The next day (Saturday) you will be invited to come back to a certain "sororitys house". You may have been invited by all sororities or just one- this depends on how you ranked the sororities and if they picked you to come back as well- it's not just dependent on your choice. For whatever reason a sorority may not have given you a invite back ie you seem uninterested or just not the quality or character they are looking to join their chapter. If at this point the sorority you really had your hopes on joining doesn't invite you, I highly encourage you to go ahead and continue through recruitment.
Philanthropy day (Saturday) each sorority will present their philanthropy and you get to talk to more girls about their sorority and answer any questions you may have- dues/yearly costs, time commitment, grade requirements, involvement with other organizations and more importantly get a feel for their organization and if it's a good fit for you. At the end of the day you will then be asked to rank your picks from 1st to last. Now at this point it is crucial that you really choose carefully because it will set the tone for the next day-Preference Day (Sunday). Now again you may be asked to come to a certain "sorority's house". At the end of this day you will pick and rank sororities just as before. At this point the sororities will compile bids to give to a potential member. You will then go home and come back to your Rho Alpha group and you will receive a "bid"- an invitation from only ONE sorority to invite you to join them in membership. Hopefully that answers any questions you may have.

By: Geniusgreek
by: Blah blah blahJan 20, 2016 12:45:42 AM

I rly hope your not in my sorority. I don't have the time to point out the many incorrect aspects of this post.

By: Blah blah blah

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