whats your favorite sorority and fraternity

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#1  by: Junior Guy   

They’re all great! HOWEVER (and I hope this doesn’t offend anyone) Sigma Chi is hands down the best social frat on campus, definitely has the coolest guys and the best parties. They’re the most “exclusive” and they also have the best looking dudes. KKG used to be the “hottest” sorority a few years ago but now it’s DG. I hear good things about the sisterhood in DDD but they’re kinda “eh”. Some of the professional frats are also in the ranks... the business frat (I think it’s Alpha Kappa Psi) is full of attractive guys and girls and from what I hear, they party harder than any of the social frats. I hear good things about AXO also.

Overall, there’s no such thing as a bad fraternity or sorority at UCM, but if you’re looking for your stereotypical “top-tier” organizations, it’s Sigma Chi, DG, and AKPsi...

By: Junior Guy

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