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by: New Girl

Which fraternities are considered top tier at Auburn?

Posted By: New Girl
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#1  by: AU Grrrrl   

Youll get lots of opinions but FH, ATO, Sigma Pi, and Fiji are the best most well rounded fraternities. And as a bonus they're always perfect gentlemen that know how to treat a lady.

By: AU Grrrrl
by: WtfSep 11, 2013 11:20:28 PM

Is this a joke?

By: Wtf
#2  by: Top 10   

The top 10 as of now at Auburn are:
1. KA
2. Sigma Nu
3. Fiji
4. Beta
5. SAE
6. Theta Chi
7. Sigma Chi
8. Lambda Chi
9. Sigma Pi
10. ATO
and then FH somewhere 6-10 if you want.

By: Top 10
#3  by: Current Tiers   

1, KA. 2, Sigma Nu. 3, Fiji. 4, Beta. 5, SAE. 6, Theta Chi. 7, Sigma Chi.

8, Lambda Chi. 9, Sigma Pi. 10, ATO. 11, Sig Ep. 12, FH. 13, Phi Delt. 14, Phi Tau. 15, Pi Kapp. 16, Pike.

17, Delta. 18, Delta Sig. 19, Delta Chi. 20, AGR. 21, Kappa Sig. 22, TKE. 23, DKE. 24, Phi Sig. 25, Theta Xi. 26, Phi Psi. 27, Sig Tau. 28, Alpha Sig.

Couple of notes here. Fiji should regain a 1 or 2 status by the end of the year and Lambda Chi will likely rise back to top tier by the end of the year. Sig Ep and Pike will be top tiers if they ever start bringing quality back. ATO needs a legit house and better parties to be a top tier. FH is stuck where they are because of the things they don't do. Delta should manage to gain middle tier status in another year or 2. Delta Sig, DX, AGR need quality to gain middle tier status. Kappa Sig will be middle tier if they ever finish the work on their house. TKE is TKE. Theta Xi is hopeless. Of the recents, DKE and Phi Sig have a good chance of making it work but won't rise above mid tier without a decent house.

By: Current Tiers
#4  by: When the hell was   

Theta chi above sig chi?

By: When the hell was
by: Almost thereSep 12, 2013 10:51:38 AM

I wouldn't put OX over EX just yet, give it a semester and see how both do. I know theta chi is rising and all the brothers are on here trying to convince everyone of that but two decent pledge classes doesn't jump a fraternity to the top. I have friends in both fraternities and would consider them about the same

By: Almost there
by: @ WhenSep 12, 2013 10:59:12 AM

What someone was 5 to 10 years ago doesn't matter to what they are today. Looking objectively Theta Chi has had the better pledge classes between the 2 for the last 3 years. I think they're about equal but I put Theta Chi above them for that reason.

By: @ When
by: HonestlySep 12, 2013 3:43:15 PM

Since Lambda Chi went on probation 3 years ago, Sigma Chi has been considered the No. 6 fraternity only because they aren't near as good as the top 5 and because the next competitors have been so bad. They're not a top 5 competitor by any means for many reasons (they don't pull like a top 5, have mostly weird brothers, and have no involvement in Auburn whatsoever). Without their location on old row, they probably would be a mid tier. Theta Chi is gaining characteristics of a top 5 competitor by each year and has definitely jumped Sigma Chi. Now, I think the real sleeper to keep an eye on is Lambda Chi. I predict Lambda Chi to jump Sigma Chi very fast and probably even jump Theta Chi and maybe SAE too. In a few years I can see it being 5. LXA 6. SAE 7. OX 8. SX

By: Honestly

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