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Do fraternities in auburn care what race you when it comes to rushing?

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#1  by: Tuna Meowt   

That's kind of a dicey proposition; people will say it doesn't make a difference, but fraternities are still pretty segregated at AU. The first otherwise-white house to pledge a black student was Delta Chi in 1984 (his name was Tommy Lanier; Google it and check); I was a DX brother at the time. And from what I understand, the vast majority of houses at AU are still lily-white. Here's what I'd do -- check out whatever houses you like, but be sure to visit Delta Chi before you make a final decision and give them a good look.

I haven't had an opportunity to get back to the AU DX house in a long time, but from what I hear from other brothers from around my time there, the current membership is doing a good job of assembling a diverse but close-knit group of men. That's why I pledged back in the 80s -- DX had the rep of being the 'un-fraternity' -- individuals.

By: Tuna Meowt

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