poll: which sororities candidate are u voting for

by: Jw

Posted By: Jw
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#1  by: Tbh   

Is it just me or are only like 2/5 of the platforms actual platforms?? “Raising Awareness” is not a real platform when you’re doing absolutely nothing to change auburn or the community

By: Tbh
#2  by: True   

^ truth & everyone is annoying on the concourse but the Theta people and AOPi people are the only ones who aren’t being pushy and aggressive so I will prob choose one of them

By: True
by: This Sep 14, 2019 10:12:15 AM

Alpha Gam is by far the most annoying and aggressive campaigners. And KD just woke up from being so uninvolved with everything, I guess they are just over excited. I’ll vote for the Theta or AOPi.

By: This

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