cob with gamma phi?


Did Gamma Phi do COB? Saw a girl on Instagram in letters saying it was “worth the wait.” Did they only bid one girl?

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Yes and zeta and pi phi did too

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If they did it was probably only this one girl and she probably had a roommate or good friend who is part of Gamma Phi ! Gamma Phi had an amazing rush this year and their pledge class is probably one of the prettiest for 2019. Lots's of future PNM"s are noticing this on Instagram and I wouldn't be surprised if next year they are up there with phi mu, zeta and pi phi in terms of girls that prefer those sororities.

Did this girl go through formal recruitment?



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Yes she did, and from what I’ve heard was pretty much let go by every sorority because of how inappropriately she was dressed

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I doubt there is a ton of truth in that. The pictures posted by Panhellenic showed tons of really short dresses and shorts so unless she showed up naked I am not sure how that would even be possible.
She is a super cute girl and I am sure Gamma Phi is happy to have her and her them. Not everyone dreams of being part of the uptight self righteous self proclaimed top five.

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Part of sorority recruitment is dressing appropriately. You’re trying to impress girls, not look like you’re going downtown to pick up guys. Girls get cut for this reason. And I’m not in one of the uptight, self-righteous sororities.

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mind ya business

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I'm surprised they could even take a new member. They got an amazing class this year. Congratulations to them.

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I don’t think it was a wardrobe malfunction but a very poor choice in clothes for rush. She probably should have gotten some guidance by someone (even maybe her mom or friend) for what would be appropriate for rush. Super short and body con is not the go to for a good impression. She probably got cut for that reason, her YouTube channels and social media pics. I don’t think anyone is jealous at all. Good for her though. She found a group.

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So is she just a big sk4nk or just can’t handle her liquor?

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Oh so she can handle her liquor? Because she drinks all the time?? Got it

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What does her getting a bid or her recruitment experience have to do with her drinking??? I’m confused

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Are here t1ts still out or what

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Are they?

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No but I heard ur moms are!

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A lot of sororities do COB to make up for older members that have dropped late last year. They took a few COBs, but not more than any other sorority. Sadly we live in a world where girls have a lot of Instagram followers can work against them and many times nationals of sororities will make them drop girls because they could be considered a liability.

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