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#1  by: LOELYDOVELY   

Its really hard to get into Alpha Chi Omega but seems worth it!

#2  by: sororityt91   

if you want a real and true sisterhood, alpha chi omega is the way to go.

By: sororityt91
#3  by: PIKE   

ADPi and ZETA each have their strong points. If you want a good classy girl to take home to mama, go find an ADPi. Some of their girls will play video games, party harder than a frat boy, and outsmart their professors. If you want a girl that hops between your sheets and rides you until you're dry, get yourself a ZETA. Their girls are the hottest on campus, but you're giving up some personality for that. And if you want some of each, go AChiO.

#4  by: Greekmale12   

Funny how it says ADPIs can out smart their professors when they have the lowest GPA in CPC..... maybe instead of PIKE it should say ADPIGIRL by comment by section????

By: Greekmale12
#5  by: 1948   

They have the lowest GPA in the CPC because of a few girls, not the norm. I have personally talked to their president about this matter, and the reality is that they, on average, have WAY more 4.0s than ANY other greek organization. But, number doesn't count for anything. A few girls who REALLY had a bad semester screwed up everything for the rest of the girls.

By: 1948
#6  by: greekgirl   

AXO, ADPi and ZTA are all sororities. A sorority is a place where you can make friends while giving back to your school and your community. You can't look at each sorority and pick out one girl and base the whole group off of her individual characteristics. That's not how it works. What really confuses me is that we are all adults, and we can't seem to get out of the mindset of a 13 year old girl. If we used the effort we put into bashing each other and competing with each other, into something useful and beneficial imagine all the things we could accomplish as a greek family. Our God is looking down on us and shaking his head, because we're taking an opportunity that He is giving us to make a difference and throwing it out the window. Think twice before you bash someone, or before you judge a girl because of the sorority she is in. You don't know her life or what she goes through. We are all individuals with a story, and we all have so much potential to not only make a difference but to be the difference.

By: greekgirl

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