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#1  by: beaumont   

KA and SigEp are the best two frats at Lamar

By: beaumont
#2  by: Beaumont   

agree KA and SigEp and cool, ATO is wierd and the rest have no presence at all on campus

By: Beaumont
#3  by: card   

the amount self rank and "homework assignments" to de-rank other fraternities makes this site NOT credible. PIKES shoud FOR SURE be towards the top.

By: card
#4  by: LU   

Most fraternity guys are pretty chill at Lamar... think KA and SigEp are the biggest and seem to have the most fun.

By: LU
#5  by: ehh   

I like all the fraternities at lamar. I know pike is finally improving

By: ehh
#6  by: huh?   

Ka and sig ep are the biggest and have the most involvement? No... not at all.

By: huh?
#7  by: sororityt91   

KA all the wayy!

By: sororityt91

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