what are the real sorority rankings here?


What are the real sorority rankings here? Top tier? Mid Tier? Bottom Tier?

Posted By: Haylie
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The LU greek system is so small that I don't think you can really rank the sororities tier-wise. In my opinion ADPi and Zeta are probably about even - they each offer a different experience, I'm sure, but if you took a poll around campus on who was number 1 you would probably get a pretty even vote for each of them. That would put A-Chi-O in the bottom tier. Keep in mind, with such a small greek system, these rankings can change from year to year. A-Chi-O could have an awesome recruitment for a year or two in a row and it would put them on top. I think the three sororities have all been on top at sometimes and been on bottom as well.

By: LU Greek

ADPI top their? As good as Zeta?????? Hahahahahahaha Zetas girls are nice and sweet to everyone, and I am not even in Zeta and I can say that. ADPI girls are just rude and full of themselves.


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ADPi IS the top tier. You must be speaking of ZETAs you know or the random ADPi that hates your guts, because I am a PIKE brother and these girls are far up my ass and sticking theirs out there for everyone else. Sure, they are hot and sweet to your face, but the girls as a whole are gossipers and elitist. At least ADPi strives to get along with EVERY fraternity instead of living at mine. We've been joking for years that they ride our coattails to fame. ADPi gets their girls because their girls want to be an ADPi, not because they want to date a PIKE brother.

By: 1948

Look! The rivalries are high because of the small number of sororities. These girls are always fighting for the same 20 girls that want to join a sorority. It's a stressful situation for them. In my opinion, they are all equal, but different.

By: Mr. Fancy Pants

I was always told. ADPi's are the ones you take home to momma, Zeta's are the ones to give you a good time, and AXO's are a little of both. So Far, It's kind of true...

By: LUDude

Funny Zeta.... you didn't even get quota.Guess the pnms didnt see you as well as yall saw yalls selfs?

By: Hahaha Zeta

Lmao zeta is cream of the crop for sure.. Adpi.. Dog pound.. It goes hand in hand axo is under rated but not as good as Zta.

By: Lol

Uhh equa!!! Doesn't matter which one you join, all are the same as far as social opportunities go. Girls from each sorority hang out with all the fraternities. Maybe zeta has more "pretty girls" but hey obvi they have big egos, and even if you are a really pretty girl, who wants to sit in a room full of girls who all think they are the most beautiful gorgeous girl in the room and that they are better than everyone else? Not that they all do, but this is what the comments are having me believe. If you want a bunch of vapid into themselves friends, who are low key cutting you down so that you know they are hotter, then go for the top tier zetaaaaaaaa!

By: Duh


By: HOW it b

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