Fall Rush 2021!!!!!!

by: Fall 21

I am a freshman and want to rush this fall. What are the top and bottom sorority houses?

Posted By: Fall 21
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#1  by: No   

Freshman cant rush fall semester. Only upperclassmen. I Hate geeds

By: No
#2  by: Albus dumbledore   

First semester freshman can't rush lol you'll have to wait until spring. However you might be able to talk to the srats during rush events. aephi and dphie are top tier and i'd say asa and theta are bottom tier, ast and sdt being mid-tier. But really don't let tiers impact you. Also there's lots of multicultural sororities and a few Black sororities if u think they'd be a better fit. Good luck finding ur home

By: Albus dumbledore

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